Saturday, 13 August 2011

Normal service resumed, sort of...

We're back from a brief road trip in the campervan. It gave me lots of ideas for stories but no actual words written.
While we were away, a novella I finished a couple of days before we went has been now accepted by Xcite and contracts signed - more details when I have an actual publication date, cover pic etc. Also they seem to like the idea for my next novella, though I can't begin writing it until I have the current novel finished (about 15K words left to do...).
Apart from that, it turns out an interview I did with Renaissance Sizzler for their blog came out while we were away - you can read it here (opens in new window). The interview includes a teaser for Hanging Around (link opens in a new window), the story collection of mine they published a couple of months ago.
When I'm a little more recovered I'll try to post some flash fiction based about the places we went and the things we saw...

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