Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Addicted to Rope - now out

This is the cover for Addicted to Rope - written last month and just published as a novella by Xcite. As the title suggests there's a fair bit of bondage involved in the plot, including suspension. Oh, and some use of Magic Wands. And pegs. And other implements. But mainly it's about bondage.

Opening lines:

It felt weird. Exotic. Slightly dangerous. It felt like a challenge. It put a tight knot of anticipation in the pit of Ruth’s stomach, because the little demon inside her that automatically rose to a challenge was bouncing around in there.
Challenges were good, though. They made her feel real, alive, fulfilled.

Xcite gave me a publication date of 15th September but it's already showing on the Fulani section of the Xcite website (this links to the main site, just use the 'search' facility on the page to pull up all my titles).

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