Friday, 14 June 2013

International comparisons mapped!

I was recently alerted to existence of two maps, and thought I'd pass them on.

One is a world map of penis size, at

The other is a world map of breast size, also at

If you just go to the main website and view maps listed under 'other', you'll find a whole bunch of salacious data mapped on a global basis - 'easiness of girls', prostitution, sexual activity per week, prohibitions on sexual activities, 'inbreeding' and others. I have no idea how the statistics were collected (or indeed whether they were collected) and some of the maps are entirely imaginary, such as the one that shows the spread of the zombie pandemic of 2087.

Butm you know, you're an adult and everything and you can make your own mind up about whether the maps are real or imaginary. Have fun!