Monday, 20 June 2011

Pink Flamingo website changes - important

If you've tried to purchase my 'Secret Circus of Pain and Degradation' from Pink Flamingo's website in the last couple of days you'll have found it shows as 'product not available'. You may have found similar problems with other ebooks from other publishers as well.

This is because major credit card companies have decided to withdraw services from 'adult' websites offering content that includes or depicts coercion and nonconsensual activity. Since the 'Secret Circus' book opens with a description of an abduction, it's one of the many products Pink Flamingo have had to remove from their site.

Third party sellers remain unaffected, so the book is available from Amazon Kindle and AdultEbookShop, and apparently also in Nook format from Barnes and Noble.

Meanwhile, Pink Flamingo have plans in motion for the continued marketing of titles they've had to remove; these include a separate web outlet outside the US, since this is a US domestic policy, and further third party sales through non-US sites such as Excerpts from books will be taken over to their free story site, which will be revamped for this purpose:

Finally, the print version remains available - but contact Pink Flamingo directly and be prepared to pay with a check (or cheque), or money order.

Pink Flamingo comment: "This is obviously a significant change in our business. It’s not the first time that there has been a conservative backlash against this industry; we’ve weathered several in our 17 years ... While the credit card companies have every right to deny their services for purchasing certain products, we consider this a free speech issue and a form of censorship."

If you're a member of Fetlife you can see a more detailed discussion of the credit card changes and the way they're affecting the adult ebook market as a whole in "The Kinky Intellectual's Book Club" discussion group.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Lust Bites reviewed - and another quote

The Xcite 'Lust Bites' collection, with one of my stories, has been reviewed over at Coffeetime Romance.

My story is, 'Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know', of which the reviewer says:

Sasha is surprised when the stranger comes up to her and tells her he likes her poetry. Somehow she ends up following Byron home and gets to know the real man himself very intimately.

This is a sexy read. I did feel as if it were a little stranger than what I like, but it really seemed to add to the overall element of the story. Fulani makes vampirism seem elegant and wordy and bold and romantic.

Only a little stranger? I must have been slipping... I thought strange was my specialty.

Here's a direct link to the book at the Xcite website.

Meanwhile the reviewer had kind things to say about another story in the same collection by my partner, Velvet Tripp, and another review of another of her stories is also out elsewhere. Rather than copy/paste all the stuff, read what they said over at our joint blog, DeliciouslyDeviant.

Meanwhile, this may entertain you. We were at a fetish club the other evening. Overheard as we were leaving: 'Hey, I gave you my all in that scene! I've got scabs on my nipples and a sore pussy. This sub's broken. If you don't let the sub rest and heal you'll wear her out and have to get another one...'

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Shopping list

I think the experience of doing a bondage demo recently has kick-started a certain area of my imagination. I keep feeling the need to experiment with different ideas... some of which will require new stuff I don't possess at the moment. Hence the shopping list.

- About 100 metres of hemp rope in assorted 10 and 5 metre lengths. I currently use braided polypropylene rope because it has a number of characteristics I like, but it's worth having a look at more 'traditional' alternatives. However, hemp is normally a little thinner than my usual rope (6mm as opposed to 7mm) so an extra turn or two of rope might be required here or there.

- A shibari suspension ring. Normally for suspensions I use climbing slings and carabiners as the anchor - but hey, why not have some options?

- Some lengths of sari fabric. Most saris use around 5 metres of fabric, but I'd prefer to have two or three 10 metre lengths for fabric bondage. It's a very light fabric and bunches easily because there's not a lot of bulk to it, but at the same time it can spread so it becomes almost like a garment as well as a bondage tie.

- A similar length, maybe about 30-40 metres, of ariel silk (alternatively called 'tissu' - which absolutely does not mean it's like tissue!) or similar - the kind of fabric used in ariel dance displays, etc. Actually for suspension bondage I could get away with something like a close-weave curtain fabric at half the cost and I may do that.

- a new and more powerful handheld massager. Yes, I have a Magic Wand - three, in fact. Typically they deliver multiple forced orgasms within seconds, using only about 10 watts of power. But did you now there are now massagers out there capable of delivering 30 watts?

[Edited to add - a folding massage chair. Yes, I know there are folding bondage/sex chairs available, specifically designed for lifting and separating legs. But I'd prefer something that works whether the sub's positioned on it with the back or front exposed, and with ropes it would be quite straightforward to tie them to it in any position... plus, it could actually be used for massage...]

Friday, 10 June 2011


Part of a work in progress. Imagine what follows as a voiceover, a female voice, closeup on blindfolded face, mouth, lips... maybe in the background there's some very blurred action going on, candlelit, in what appears to be a fetish club or dungeon. Maybe the voiceover is interrupted at various points by the sound of a flogger, or moans from an unseen third party...

At some point I may actually get around to filming this as a piece of Nu Fetish... I have a couple of other ongoing projects to finish first, though. Well, about six other projects to finish first...


Then he tied my hands behind my back and put a blindfold on me. If you want me to play with you, he said, you’ll have to say exactly what your fantasy is – what you want me to do with you. You’ll have to ask me to do those things. Beg me. And then my mind went blank. I don’t know what I was expecting.

I don’t even know if he’s still here. Is he recording me? Filming me, so he can play it back later for reference? For evidence? For entertainment? I’m on my knees. Being on my knees makes me think I should open my mouth. Receive his cock. Suck him off. I hope I’ll be sucking him off. I’ll have to ask if I want to suck him off. But do I want to suck him off before he beats me? Is it a privilege I should earn by taking a whipping?


How can I ask to be transported, taken to another world? The things I want him to do – they’re just the ways to get there, to get into a different headspace.

I guess I want him to squeeze my nipples, beat me, bite my neck… He’ll ask, beat me how, and where. Breasts? Back? Ass? Cunt? All of them. With what? I don’t know. I want it to hurt. I want bruises to keep me warm. I want him to make me silent. I want him to make me scream. I want choices taken away from me. I want a gag. I want him to crush ice against my tortured, red skin.

I want to know it’s real. I want to see the video. I want to see me saying these things, asking, begging, while he squeezes and bites and whips me. I want to be inside and outside my own skin at the same time, seeing everything, feeling everything, until wanting anything is insubstantial and the pain is a furious dark euphoria.


PS - see what Wordle made of this text in terms of word-image over at my DeliciouslyDeviant blog.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Interesting instructions

For the purposes of a scene I'm thinking about playing, I've been looking on Ebay for stage makeup pencils, suitable for writing on skin and washable (because something like eyeliner is probably a little too difficult to get off asfterwards).

And I came across a makeup pencil described as 'A soft, ultra creamy, colour concentrated formula used by professional make-up artists. Perfect for eyes, whiskers, freckles etc. Black.'

It was the next bit that got my attention.

'To get a sharp point, place the pencil in the freezer before sharpening.'

And then of course use it straight away... [evil grin]

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Adult Ebook Shop now stocks my books

Adult Ebook Shop, a UK based site, has just let me know they have agreements with both Pink Flamingo and Renaissance to stock my books.

The link for both titles is

This means it's now easier for people in the UK to order and pay in sterling rather than dollars.