Saturday, 27 August 2011

Erotic Books Network - the new home for my novel

Remember the consternation caused recently when credit card companies in the US announced they would no longer do business with publishers of explicit adult fiction?

This just in from Pink Flamingo:

Erotic Book Network (EBN) is now online! Featuring the entire Pink Flamingo Publications BDSM catalog

Lizbeth at Pink Flamingo has just announced: "On this site we’ll include all titles with BDSM content, including the nonconsensual titles that were removed due to bank/credit card restrictions. We’ll also include consensual BDSM titles that still appear on the main PF site.

"If you access EBN now, you’ll note that we still have some work to do uploading images and ebooks. However, ALL paperbacks are available for ordering now. We expect most of the ebooks removed from the Pink Flamingo site to be up and ready for download by early next week. All books released in 2011 are ready for download now. It’s great to see these books online again!

"And… We have secured a new credit card payment gateway for the EBN site so books can be purchased with credit card, paypal, check or money order."

My Secret Circus novel is now available on the new site (link opens in new window). I'll update links to it on this site and elsewhere shortly.

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