Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Naked Delirium fan!

It's been a while since I posted. I plead insanity, as in an insane (if self-imposed) workload of surfing the internet, playing Solitaire and making coffee - in between which I've been trying to write a(nother) novella, a story collection, some poetry (dodgy doggerel, really) and some sensible stuff about social policy.

But I'm also mindful that I promised a nicer pic of our author copies of Naked Delirium, and here it is, courtesy of Velvet Tripp; a fan of books. Yes, obvious pun, I know, but I'm known for being obvious.

Places you can buy the paperback edition of Naked Delirium include and; plus, apparently if you live near a branch of Waterstones you can pick it up off the shelves.

Places you can buy in kindle format are also at and, and about 10 other ebook formats are available at Smashwords. But the Kindle and ebook formats don't have the nice Georgio Verona illustrations in them.

The book has five novellas, including one from me ('Smoking Hot') and one from my partner, Velvet Tripp. The collection theme is 'sex in altered states', which in my story is interpreted as the unanticipated side-effects of hypnosis to stop smoking (as in, your mind is in control and you don't have to sublimate your desires) and Velvet's story is about spirit possession taking place in the course of a pagan camp.

Plus the individual novellas from the collection are available separately, but if you want links just scroll back to find them a couple of posts ago.

Dodgy doggerel, I said. If that's your thing, you can see it on my Tumblr blog - but be warned, I sometimes write stories for a porn website, Achtungfetish, and if you want to see the doggerel you'll also be seeing some fairly explicit pics of the bdsm scene that inspired it. 'Nuff said? The story is, of course, on the Actungfetish site in the members' area.

Finally: stand by for announcements soon about a paranormal erotic novella I did for Xcite, and a full-length, full-on, hardcore erotic bdsm novel finished recently and out soon from Pink Flamingo.

Friday, 14 September 2012

More Naked Delirium

Arrived yesterday: 20 author copies (mine and Velvet's) of Naked Delirium - we are two of the five authors whose novellas are in the collection. Pic taken on my mobile. No doubt Velvet will get her Nikon out later and do a more artistic arrangement.

And then the question is, what do we do with them? Some will go to people we know will review them. We'll want to hang on to a couple. As to the rest - offer a free copy or two in a draw?