Saturday, 8 December 2012

Sizzling blog posts!

Hanging Around story collection cover
It's just been drawn to my attention that:

(a) Renaissance Sizzler editions have a blog
(b) Since I have a book published with them, I'd contributed to it (I'd forgotten: a year is a long time in this game) and
(c) I contributed to it three times.

See all three posts on The link should take you to a page with all three of my blogs. No, I don't know why it's a UK URL either, because the company's based in Berkeley. But then this blog shows up as .com or depending on where you're viewing it from, so maybe that's the answer.

One post's an announcement of my story collection Hanging Around. One's a Q&A about me, my writing and suchlike. And one's a short story I wrote after the collection was published, as an exploration of what might have happened to the central character - who's in most of the stories - after the point the collection ended.

If you check out the blog as a whole you'll find many people there who are far more famous and well-respected than me. Recent blogs have been variously by, or about, people like M Christian, Lisabet Sarai, Sascha Illyvich and Billierosie.

And if, by the way, those blog posts interest you and you want to buy a copy of Hanging Around and Other Captivating Erotica, what you'll find is a collection of 12 short stories that mostly follow Mariska's erotic exploits in the city where she works as a barista but is looking for a life less ordinary. She finds it through some of the coffee bar customers, who are part of the city's bohemian underbelly. Her journey of self-discovery takes her from being an extra in an indie zombie film, to artist's model, and eventually to fetish performer and diarist of the city's fetish and bdsm subculture. Themes include straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, bondage, bdsm - and art.

The 'buy links' are: and; Barnes and Noble (Nook edition); AdultEbookShop, Fictionwise and direct from Renaissance Sizzler.

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