Thursday, 13 December 2012

Finding me on iTunes

You probably already know this: iTunes isn't always as straightforward to search as you might think - but there's a way of finding stuff via the previews shown on ordinary internet browsers.

Everything I've written that is available on any particular country store will show up on

And if you're looking for other countries, you can amend these URLs by changing the 'GB' or 'US' to whatever country code iTunes uses for the relevant country site - FR for France, DE for Germany, NL for The Netherlands, AU for Australia, NZ for New Zealand and so on. This assumes that iTunes has a store for the particular country you're interested in (otherwise it launches iTunes and defaults to the US store, I think).

Well, it was a discovery for me anyway. And not everything is available in every store, as I've found out. But at least I've learned something new today.

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