Sunday, 12 June 2011

Shopping list

I think the experience of doing a bondage demo recently has kick-started a certain area of my imagination. I keep feeling the need to experiment with different ideas... some of which will require new stuff I don't possess at the moment. Hence the shopping list.

- About 100 metres of hemp rope in assorted 10 and 5 metre lengths. I currently use braided polypropylene rope because it has a number of characteristics I like, but it's worth having a look at more 'traditional' alternatives. However, hemp is normally a little thinner than my usual rope (6mm as opposed to 7mm) so an extra turn or two of rope might be required here or there.

- A shibari suspension ring. Normally for suspensions I use climbing slings and carabiners as the anchor - but hey, why not have some options?

- Some lengths of sari fabric. Most saris use around 5 metres of fabric, but I'd prefer to have two or three 10 metre lengths for fabric bondage. It's a very light fabric and bunches easily because there's not a lot of bulk to it, but at the same time it can spread so it becomes almost like a garment as well as a bondage tie.

- A similar length, maybe about 30-40 metres, of ariel silk (alternatively called 'tissu' - which absolutely does not mean it's like tissue!) or similar - the kind of fabric used in ariel dance displays, etc. Actually for suspension bondage I could get away with something like a close-weave curtain fabric at half the cost and I may do that.

- a new and more powerful handheld massager. Yes, I have a Magic Wand - three, in fact. Typically they deliver multiple forced orgasms within seconds, using only about 10 watts of power. But did you now there are now massagers out there capable of delivering 30 watts?

[Edited to add - a folding massage chair. Yes, I know there are folding bondage/sex chairs available, specifically designed for lifting and separating legs. But I'd prefer something that works whether the sub's positioned on it with the back or front exposed, and with ropes it would be quite straightforward to tie them to it in any position... plus, it could actually be used for massage...]

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