Saturday, 18 June 2011

Lust Bites reviewed - and another quote

The Xcite 'Lust Bites' collection, with one of my stories, has been reviewed over at Coffeetime Romance.

My story is, 'Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know', of which the reviewer says:

Sasha is surprised when the stranger comes up to her and tells her he likes her poetry. Somehow she ends up following Byron home and gets to know the real man himself very intimately.

This is a sexy read. I did feel as if it were a little stranger than what I like, but it really seemed to add to the overall element of the story. Fulani makes vampirism seem elegant and wordy and bold and romantic.

Only a little stranger? I must have been slipping... I thought strange was my specialty.

Here's a direct link to the book at the Xcite website.

Meanwhile the reviewer had kind things to say about another story in the same collection by my partner, Velvet Tripp, and another review of another of her stories is also out elsewhere. Rather than copy/paste all the stuff, read what they said over at our joint blog, DeliciouslyDeviant.

Meanwhile, this may entertain you. We were at a fetish club the other evening. Overheard as we were leaving: 'Hey, I gave you my all in that scene! I've got scabs on my nipples and a sore pussy. This sub's broken. If you don't let the sub rest and heal you'll wear her out and have to get another one...'

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