Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Nu Fetish and things

As you may have seen on my other blog, DeliciouslyDeviant, a couple of days ago I randomly discovered a new(ish) thing called Nu Fetish. I won't repost the stuff from my other blog since you can go there and read it, but it suffices to say it got some of my creative muscles working overtime, because I've intermittently been thinking about doing some video projects myself (though not by myself, obviously; Velvet Tripp is a professional photographer with a camera that will take HD video as well as images). This line of thought started because I had to have a go at some video editing recently in a completely different context.

A lot of the Nu Fetish stuff turns up on Vimeo.com, so some poking about there revealed more interesting stuff that isn't Nu Fetish but is erotic, in a 'thinking' kind of a way. I'm suddenly finding myself very inspired by some of the things I found on Vimeo, in particular Fabrice Noir's 'Naked Walk' and Alfil Barcelona's 'Black Dreams' as well as videos of bondage performances at the recent Boundcon VIII that I posted about recently.

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