Saturday, 28 May 2011

Just published - 'Hanging Around' by Fulani

Yesterday it was Velvet Tripp's turn. Today it's mine.

Published late last night (UK time) - 'Hanging Around', a collection of 12 interlinked stories, out with Renaissance Sizzler Editions.

Book blurb:

It’s two in the morning, and Mariska is dangling from a rope and displaying a lot of flesh to her tormentors. And she giggles. She’s been looking for something new in her life, and being a film extra in a low-budget zombie horror movie is certainly new… Twelve stunning chapters follow Mariska’s journey from barista to member of a group of bohemian artists, actors and others. She’s inducted into their fetish-oriented lifestyle, and along the way she’s tied, whipped, fisted and more in situations ranging from a film set to a lesbian club to an art exhibition. Oh, and somehow she finds time to write a journal about it. Fulani’s erotic stories, often dark and with BDSM-based themes, have appeared in numerous anthologies and ‘zines.

There's more, including a table of contents and a couple of free short stories involving the same characters but aren't in the book (they were written later, including one to go with the cover which I only saw a day or two ago), over at my other blog DeliciouslyDeviant.


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