Thursday, 12 May 2011

Impromptu demo!

Went to one of my local munches last night.

I'm assuming you know (a) a munch is a meeting of like-minded people, usually monthly, in a public space to discuss matters of mutual interest and they're a common feature of the kink world, and (b) as I've mentioned before there are currently five, and likely soon to be six or seven, BDSM munches local to me despite the paucity of actual BDSM events in the area.

This particular munch has the upstairs room of a pub, so is to that extent private.

I walked in and was immediately asked to do an impromptu bondage workshop! Apparently someone who'd agreed to do one hadn't turned up. I had no ropes with me - though some others did and I borrowed them, did some basic stuff and got people to practice on each other, talked about safety issues as well. It was fun, and the first time it's happened to me outside of a club.

While I'm on the topic, lest you think I write about stuff I don't practice, Velvet and I will be doing a suspension bondage demo at After Dusk next Thurs, 19 May - the link covers two connected events, After Dark and After Dusk, and if you have a Fetlife account you can see more details here. If not - Fetlife registration is quick and free.

Other stuff bubbling under - plans for erotic story readings and such... more to come when I've sorted details.

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