Sunday, 27 February 2011

Xcite's new website

If you’ve already bought stuff from Xcite Books you’ve probably heard about this anyway – but from 1st March, Xcite is migrating its web activity from all its domains - UK, US, Australia etc. - to a new website,

Presumably the old links will be redirected to the new URL but I hope to have all the links on here updated by Tuesday when the new site goes live.

The new Xcite site is significant because it will be a one-stop shop for romantic and erotic ebooks and audio formats not just from Xcite, but also from other publishers and authors around the world. Their press release says: ‘It offers a unique, genre specific, shopping experience for romance and erotica readers because they can discover new authors and publishing companies alongside their established favourites.’

In other words it will be a sales point not just for Xcite’s own publications (including of course many of my own stories and some of Velvet Tripp's) but for other erotic/romance publishers as well. In addition individual authors will be able to upload their works to it and set their own sales price provided they have a valid ISBN.

That website again:

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