Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New stuff in Erotic Review

I've been a bit dilatory about posting recently due to a bug that's taking a while to recover from. But I can report three pieces of good news.
Firstly, your 2011 Fetish Horoscope was published in The Erotic Review, Fire and Ice Issue (issue 116). Yes, I know I'm not a professional astrologer (but I am a highly professional fetishist!).
Secondly, look out for another piece of mine, 'Nostalgia', which will be in the January issue of Erotic Review, due out towards the end of the month.
And thirdly, there's a new free short story over at Deliciously Deviant - 'Viscous Coupling'. The technical details are correct, there is indeed a thing called a viscous coupling on many types of vehicle and the cheap fix for a broken one, as described in the story, is exactly what I'm about to have done on my van. The only thing is, now I'm clearly going to have to write a couple of other mechanically-based stories dealing with 'rigid shaft couplings' and 'restraint couplings'...

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