Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year to everyone (and some self-congratulation!)

This is a self-congratulatory post and I'm not going to apologise for it! I've been doing some end-of-year sorting and filing, as a result of which I've just noticed that in the course of 2010 I've published, in terms of erotica -

- 14 short stories in magazines/collections/anthologies: 6 with Xcite, 6 in Erotic Review, 1 in Oysters & Chocolate, 1 in Lucrezia magazine
- 3 short stories published individually, all with Xcite
- 3 stories on other people's blogs (Frequently Felt)
- My first full-length erotic novel (with Pink Flamingo)
- a bunch of stories out on my new 'other' blog which I've set up jointly with Velvet Tripp,

That's in addition to several short science fiction and horror stories published under my real name.

Stuff in progress at the moment includes a single-author erotic story collection and a second novel, with a second story collection and a third novel being planned... I haven't set myself any New Year resolutions about getting things finished, but hopefully most if not all of that stuff will appear in the course of 2011.

Meanwhile, congratulations also to the authors whose blogs appear in the links on the right of this page, who've all put out excellent stuff this year, sometimes in the face of quite serious difficulties. And a happy New Year to everyone.


  1. Oh Fulani, congratulations on a year of enormous achievement - you are so prolific I feel ashamed!

    Hope you have an even better 2011!

  2. Well, thank you! But I basically spent the year sitting at my keyboard. Unlike you, I didn't get out to fun stuff in Europe and didn't have my house re-modelled. Nor did I have to deal with serious illnesses, as some people we both know did. And quantity, of course, isn't the same as quality...

    I shall have to get out and have a bit more fun in 2011, I feel...