Saturday, 4 December 2010


I've been playing with an acronym generator. Not for fun, you understand: it was related to an actual, i.e. income generating, project I'm working on. Among other things it came up with:

Fulani -
F Focused
U Useful
L Legendary
A Amusing
N Naughty
I Influential

and for Velvet,

V Vigorous
E Exotic
L Loving
V Visionary
E Energetic
T Tasty
T Twisted
R Risky
I Influential
P Proud
P Playful

Want to play? The acronym generator is at HyperGurl.

There are plenty of others. A more science fiction oriented one has lists from which you can choose words randomly. So I could be, for example, Forensic Underground Laboratory Augmenting Negative Insurrection...

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