Thursday, 18 March 2010

New story out, another accepted

The people at Xcite don't hang about. The story I mentioned last week is now out - 'The Incubus Candle', in the Spirit Lovers ebook anthology edited by Miranda Forbes. Five great stories in the collection as a whole.
As always if you connect to Xcite via the link on the right of this page (and then buy stuff!) it helps my income flow very marginally.
Meanwhile, I spent most of Tuesday evening and yesterday writing another story and the folks at Xcite have set what may be a world record for turnaround. I emailed it to them in the early hours, so they'd have seen it about 9 this morning and the acceptance was back with me by midday.
The just-accepted story is a departure for me in that it's a lesbian one. Hopefully it shows my lesbian and female bi friends that I've been paying attention and do pick up on little details of technique, emotion and vocabulary!

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