Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Free Voodoo Fetish

It's true. My Voodoo Fetish novella is free on and from today, 8 May, until 12 May 2013 (these links open in new windows).

It's a novella with paranormal, bondage and bdsm themes that follows on from the earlier Ridden. In place of a blurb or plot summary (which you can get from Amazon and its 'look inside' function) I'll just point out that apart from sex, bondage and whips you get post-structuralist philosophy, fluid dynamics equations, a reference to the film Cat People, a discussion of the 1832 Public Cemeteries Act, a small and intimate orgy, a dose of syncretism, a demonic possession and an anvwar mo. And sex and bdsm, did I mention those?

Enjoy. If you get your free copy, please do me a favour - take a minute to review, rate or tag it on Amazon or Goodreads or wherever you please. And if you like it - please remember I have others you might like to buy...

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