Saturday, 10 November 2012

Ridden, now out

A week or so after my Corporate Slave novel came out, here's the new novella: Ridden, available from and

It's a vodou-themed paranormal erotic novella with a lot of bdsm, and it draws on a fair amount of factual material as well. Among other things, vodou is a syncretic religion with a diaspora that means you can find practitioners/followers in almost every world city, by no means all of whom are from the original West African/Caribbean/Latin American/New Orleans areas where it emerged or became embedded in the culture. And it involves the practice of followers being possessed - or 'ridden' - by spirits, of in vodou terminology, lwa. Hence the title

Ridden is book 1 of a trilogy. It's complete in its own right, but books 2 and 3, out in the next few months, will extend the story somewhat.

It should appeal to anyone who's into bdsm erotica who likes paranormal themes - or who likes the idea of the 'paranormal' being treated with some degree of seriousness.

Not being a practitioner myself I have not done a travail to encourage anyone to read the book. It'll have to make its own way in the world, on its own merits. I hope you enjoy it.

If you want to read an extract, there's one on my Tumblr blog. And of course the first pages are visible on the Amazon 'look inside' function.

I'll also have some publicity-related news for it next week.

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