Thursday, 15 November 2012

Museum: 5 paddles, 4 stings

I've just caught up with a review of my Museum of Deviant Desires, from BDSM Book Reviews. They liked it a lot. Comments included:

Fulani’s writing is nuanced but accessible and of great quality, and his grasp of both the submissive and dominant mindset is spot on and comes through in every story. There is BDSM content in every story ... Edgy, modern, industrial-flavored stories full of unlikely situations, grit, grease, and urban decay.  Some are very strange, some are very sexy, and all are quite memorable ... So: absolutely recommended if you are looking for something gritty, modern, playful, and strange.  

The reviewer calls me on one thing: the word 'trannies' in the title story. One character uses the term and another corrects him. Showing that the two principal characters have differing levels of sensitivity to gender identity descriptions was a quick way to help build the characters and has some relation to what follows, so if that's an issue for you, now you know.

Just to remind you, this is a collection of 11 short stories ranging from the lengthy down to flash fiction.
The book's currently languishing in the lower reaches of Amazon's rankings despite two five-star reviews there, so I'm guessing its problem is not too many people know about it yet. But now you do, so it should improve.
Museum is published by 1001 Nights Press and available at and, and also on Smashwords. It's $2.99 or £1.92 (I think).

But if, instead of parting with actual money, you'd rather get something for free you could always try Ridden, which is a completely different type of erotic writing with a vodou twist (though still driven by BDSM), and which is free on Amazon until Sunday 18 November - here's the Amazon US link and UK link.
Finally, whether you buy Museum or go for the temporarily free Ridden, please remember the one thing any book needs is an honest review - whether on Amazon, Smashwords, your own blog or wherever - that others can read make a choice about whether they should buy the book too. 

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