Thursday, 2 September 2010

Drumming up erotica

I know it's not a particularly erotic pic, but I was just playing with my djembe in the back garden and caught this on my mobile phone... The reason it's vaguely relevant is that I've just caught up with the fact a short story of mine, 'Drumming', made it into August's Erotic Review magazine - issue 112, the Holiday Issue.

Now that ER has moved to online-only, they've dispensed with minor details such as sending out proofs so there's no advance warning they're actually going to use a piece now! Not that I care, I'm just happy to see it's in there.

To be perfectly honest there were a couple of details I might have tidied up, but that's just my OCD nature - I doubt anyone else would even notice them, and if it ever gets to be included in an anthology I'll deal with them at that point.

The piece was somewhat inspired by a few drumming workshops/pagan camps I've done over a period of a couple of years - which is of course not to say that the story represents anything that actually happened there. No, of course not. Not to me, anyway. I swore I would deny everything.

Meanwhile, quite apart from banging my own drum, I notice there's a story by Clemence Sebag called 'Choo Fetish' - and it's as a good a piece of experimental literary erotica as I've ever seen. I know I get my subscription for free as a contributor, but I'd say that one piece alone is worth the full subscription price, paid in actual money.