Wednesday, 18 August 2010

When having a pulse is a problem...

This isn't my story, but it's a good one. Velvet was out today doing a photoshoot of fetish gear - we have some friends who sell it and they want pics for their website. One of the items was a nipple clamp, which was being modelled on an actual nipple. And she gets the macro lens for a really good closeup shot and keeps having a problem with the focus.

'What's wrong?' asks the model.

'Well,' says Velvet, 'you've got a pulse.'

Everyone there laughs. I'm sure you get the joke, too... But there is a serious point, because the depth of field with a macro lens can be only a millimetre or two and the even with a flash, the model's pulse was enough to keep throwing the image out of focus.

So when you next look at any fetish photography, stop and think how technically difficult some of the shots might have been to take with a live model...

No, I can't show you the eventual successful pic. Not yet anyway. But the idea of this exchange is cool enough that you shouldn't be surprised to find it in one of my stories at some point in the future.

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