Saturday, 5 June 2010

Erotic Review goes online only

A couple of days ago I had both an email and a letter announcing that Erotic Review, who I've written for on and off for a few years now, is ceasing print publication and from this month will be online only.

I have mixed feeling about this. As a writer, I did always enjoy seeing an actual printed copy with my stuff in it drop through the letterbox. On the other, I've had numerous conversations with them about the difficulties of small publishers, and the need to boost their online presence and offer more material online. And, again as a writer, I'm aware that online publication often (a) pays at least as well as print, if not better and (b) reaches a much wider audience.

So I'll be continuing to write for them and wish them well in times that seem to be increasingly difficult for commercial publishers. I'm sure it's the right decision for them and I'm aware of a number of smaller publications that have done well out of an online-only format.

That said, I'm also hoping they somehow figure in a print-on-demand option, and take advantage of the possibilities in online publishing to include podcasts, video, etc., and of course not to feel constrained by having only a specific number of pages each month...

They've also moved to a new URL which looks rather spiffing. At the time of writing they've been busy transferring older issues to the website but the first online-only edition should be Issue 110, out sometime in the next week... and no, I have no idea whether any of my stuff is in it! They have a couple of my pieces in hand but I don't know when they're going to be used.

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