Sunday, 11 April 2010

The next step towards (erotic) world domination is achieved!

Well, sort of. I heard a couple of days ago Pink Flamingo, in the US, wants my first full-length erotic novel. It should be out in June. So all those nights slaving over a hot computer and not going to fetish clubs were worth it!
I'll post more about the novel itself in due course, and I do apologise for not putting up more entertaining posts on current events - there are only 168 hours in a week and I recently seem to have been working about 180 of them. I should really take some time out and do more of the kinds of activities about which I write...
Pink Flamingo, incidentally, is at - though don't expect to see my stuff on there for a month or two yet.
Also the latest copy of Erotic Review (issue 108) dropped though my mailbox yesterday, the General Erection issue (and we now know the date of the general erection, of course) with a cover featuring a very priapic Big Ben. I have a piece in there which is my personal take, following the MPs expenses scandals, on the kind of expenses they should have been claiming and why. There's a link to ER on the right of the page through which you can order a copy, though in terms of the free content you probably won't find my piece on their site for a couple of months yet.
Anyway, all this leaves me with an interesting problem - which of the various ideas I have should become the basis for a second novel.

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