Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Feeling my age!

I was at Dominion, my local fetish event, last night (Dominion, if you're interested).

You know you're old when you go to a club and the following things happen.

1. You spend much of your time with others of a similar age, reminiscing about the fetish clubs you went to 15 or 20 years ago and what the people who ran those clubs then are doing now they're retired. Which in one case, apparently was move to Spain, live a quiet life, get bored, and return to the UK to take over a swingers' club.

2. Your friends are their with their children, who are now in their mid-20s and already well-versed in the fetish scene in their own right.

It was a good night though, fairly busy, lots of play even from quite early in the event and friendly as always with a good mix of people in terms of style, age, and kink.

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