Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Voodoo Fetish

Voodoo Fetish. My latest novella, out with Xcite Books now.

It follows on from Ridden, the story of Eloise - a language teacher in the Caribbean who has paranormal experiences following a car crash, and finds she's been given supernatural healing powers - which can only be exercised through extreme bdsm sex.

If you think that's weird, by the way, bear in mind I know a few people whose own experiences with sex magic - as both practitioners and recipients of healing - are close parallels.

In Voodoo Fetish,

Eloise is back in England, believing she’s left behind her the weird sexual experiences and voodoo rituals that shaped her time on “that island”. But an encounter with a dead witch in a London graveyard lets her know the spirits still have need of her, and the miraculous healing powers she can channel during intense, BDSM-themed sex. Can Eloise and a group of like-minded fetishists help save the life of a girl who’s tried to raise a demon, and can she free herself from her obligations to the mysterious Baron Cimitière?

Well of course she can't. The third part of the trilogy will be out mid-year. I don't guarantee she'll be freed of those obligations even then. But in the meantime you might be entertained by what happens in London. It involves meeting someone who was bathed in the blood of a chicken at midnight, on a lonely crossroads outside New Orleans. It involves gas masks, a fetish nurse, four-way bdsm sex, and the use of a whip to drive a demon away. It involves a new hairstyle and punky pink hair. And it involves, more than anything, using sex and bdsm to drive her intent to make something happen in the real world.

Buy it at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.

If you like it and want the backstory, it's in Ridden - here are US Amazon and UK Amazon links.

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