Sunday, 26 August 2012

Naked Delirium

I didn't know exactly when this was coming out - but it's out. Sweetmeats Press have released the Naked Delirium collection, five novellas with illustrations including my novella 'Smoking Hot'.

Currently it's available in print on Amazon, as a Kindle ebook, and in around 10 different ebook formats (some of which will include the illustrations and some won't) on Smashwords.

So here's the blurb for the collection:

The mind has the power to save us from depravity...or to drive us further to it! NAKED DELIRIUM delves deep into the human psyche to celebrate sex in altered states! Five twisted tales, lusciously illustrated by Giorgio Verona! Within these pages, we invite you explore the indecent expanse of the unfettered mind, and maybe get a little bit delirious yourself. Free your mind....and great sex will follow!

Individual novellas from the collection are also on Smashwords, and will probably be elsewhere soon - but here's a link to 'Smoking Hot' as an individual story.

I won't give you the whole set of synopses for all the stories (they're on Amazon and Smashwords anyway) save to say that the altered states tend to revolve around paranormal activity - except for 'Smoking Hot', in which hypnosis has helped Hannah kick a 40-a-day smoking habit. But hypnosis can release unconscious desires. As the story says:

The weirdness kicked in pretty quickly, right about the time she would, in her former habitual-smoker lifestyle, have reached for her next cigarette.

Hannah wasn’t innocent. She knew exactly why the weirdness was happening. Her subconscious had been processing ideas and leaving her with, apparently, self-confidence, clarity of purpose and intent, and better and more positive ways to lead her life.

She was still exactly the same person: but then again, she wasn’t. She’d become someone new and different, someone with a more self-confident, clearer, positive intent.

An intent to do the things her subconscious had kept bottled up for, well, quite a few years.

Oh yeah - I don't know about the others, but I happen to know Velvet Tripp's novella 'A Woman Possessed' has some very hot menage and bdsm in it (I was fortunate enough to be able to read it pre-publication) and my own story has the usual touch of bdsm and bondage you'd expect in one of my stories. In other words, rather a lot.

Happy reading... and as an afterthought, I'll leave you with one of the illustrations by Giorgio Verona (I think taken from the novella 'Gilinda and the wicked Witch' by Vanessa de Sade).


  1. The very best of luck -- it sounds like a fantastic collection. And the art work looks great too!

  2. Thank you ;) Yes, I think Sweetmeats did a great job on this one.