Monday, 14 May 2012

Tricks for Kicks published

Tricks For Kicks: Sex with Rewards - a new Xcite collection edited by Elizabeth Coldwell and with contributions from Veronica Wilde, Mary Borsellino, Fulani, Victoria Blisse, Maxim Jakubowski, Catelyn Cash, Landon Dixon, Tabitha Rayne, Heidi Champa, Dominic Santi, Kay Jaybee, Kathleen Tudor, Marleen Yong, Giselle Renarde, Cecilia Duvalle, Alanna Appleton, Cynthia Lucas, Sommer Marsden, Scarlett Blue and Elizabeth Coldwell.

Twenty stories in all, available in paperback (224 pages, £7.99) or electronically (£6.49).

Ever had the urge to pay for your thrills? The characters in this collection have, but it’s not just money that changes hands when these lovers go all the way. Pimps and prostitutes, gigolos and gold-diggers are all to be found enjoying Tricks For Kicks. And let’s not forget the boys and girls of the vice squad, whose intentions are often just as dishonourable as the hookers they’re arresting.

From girls who’ll do anything for that special piece of jewellery to the confessions of the woman running the best little whorehouse in town, here are twenty tales of sex for money – and other benefits.

My own story, 'Filthy White Dress', is a foray into a world in which an actress is paid for her encounters with a guy who wants her to act out his fetishes. And yes, they're sexual fetishes - but probably not in any conventional sense of the words 'sexual' or 'fetish'.

As a disclaimer I should point out my piece also appears in the smaller five-story ebook-only Making Her Pay, which also contains the stories by Veronica Wilde, Mary Borsellino,Victoria Blisse and Maxim Jakubowski and is available at a very reasonable £2.99. Xcite do this with quite a few collections now, to give the choice of 20 stories in one book or four smaller 5-story publications.

In other news - the Erotica Romance Ebooks site that Xcite ran alongside its own website, and that enabled some authors to sell directly to the public, currently redirects to the main website. And no, I don't know if that's a temporary thing or not. More news as I get it.

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