Thursday, 12 April 2012

Filthy White Dress

Just to follow up on my last post about Nu Fetish (that was a while back - where's the time gone?) you might like to know a story of mine, 'Filthy White Dress', is out now in the Xcite Making Her Pay collection. And it's inspired by Nu Fetish.

Blurb: Chloe doesn’t get the job. What she does get, by way of compensation, is dinner with the mysterious but attractive Dr. Vogel. He’s insistent she should wear a white dress, but it’s what he wants her to do while wearing it that’s kinky and slightly surreal. Their unlikely relationship flowers, though, and Chloe finds herself drawn into his colour-coded world.

There are five stories in the collection: Making Her Pay (Veronica Wilde), Soul of Discretion (Mary Borsellino), Filthy White Dress (Fulani), The Best Handjob in the North (Victoria Blisse) and Mean (Maxim Jakubowski).

The full twenty-story collection Tricks for Kicks, from which these five are taken, should be out in May.

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