Saturday, 10 December 2011

New house, etc.

The lack of posts here recently has been due to, basically, a house move. It's a very cool house, about the same size as the previous one but differently laid out, much bigger garden and much more geared to our lifestyle. It wasn't an easy move, though, with a string of screw-ups that delayed us getting in and we still don't have proper internet access.

The upside is that the experiences have prompted a series of ideas for stories loosely based around the theme of moving house. The first of these, 'Memory Dump' is over on my other blog, Deliciously Deviant - so you'll have to go there to read it. It weaves together, as you might expect, some things that happened and some that strictly speaking didn't - or at least not quite the way the story sets them out. I'll leave you to work out how much of it is properly biographical.

I'll post the second one in the series here shortly. Now I just need to finish off that novel...

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