Friday, 28 October 2011

Vampires? Vampires!

OK, so this afternoon I was reading the proofs of my new lesbian vampire novella - The Vampire Skye, which might possibly even be out in time for Halloween (I'll post an update when I have a definite date).

It's not particularly long - 15,000 words - but it took me a while to work out locations, history, and an explanation for vampires that's half-inspired by and extremely loosely based on some recent scientific stuff.

But just before I started I was struck by a BBC news article. Headline details: in the UK the latest consumer price inflation figure is 5.2%, average pay settlements in the private sector are 2.6%, and company directors' incomes (salary and bonuses) as reported by Incomes Data Services also increased in the last year - by 50%. Average pay increase for this group was 43% and average bonus payment increased by 23%.

I sat there joining the dots, making sure I'd read the decimal points correctly, and thinking I'd been writing about the wrong kind of vampires...

1 comment:

  1. Definitely the wrong kind of vampires! The bloodsucking wanker bankers and the company directors the article speaks of, need more than a stake through their hearts of stone -- the problem is, they are way ahead of us mere mortals--they probably saw the mess coming decades ago and got their pockets nicely lined.

    I'll stop ranting and wish you good luck with "The Vampire Skye instead!

    PS. Spell checker doesn't like "wanker"!